Things You Need To Know About Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections in Brisbane, Things You Need To Know

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, Things You Need To Know!

Why Get A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

Your Spacefield Inspections report will assist you with the building’s acceptance criteria with a relevant comparison to other buildings of similar age and type of construction. Our building inspection reports take into account the buildings condition compared with a building that was constructed in accordance with the generally accepted practices at the time of the buildings construction and of which has been adequately maintained so that there has been no significant loss of strength and serviceability.

The reason for purchasing a particular property differers from one buyer to another as one maybe intending to purchase the property for land stacking investment purposes for future development opportunities or another buyer maybe determined to knock down and rebuild at the property and the other may be excited and committed to remodelling and fully renovating the residence or another buyer’s exception criteria to buy the property may differ from all the above, they may be looking for a purchase that has minimal up front requirements for major maintenance and rectification demands that would be expected of a new build.

This is why you should have Spacefield Inspections carryout all your property inspection needs because we believe it is very important to deliver a report that goes over and above the industries minimum requirements and that our inspections fit your specific criteria and report the specific special information you need to help you undertake your assessment decision to weather on not to commit to the purchase of the property.

What Happens At The Inspection?

The inspection shall comprise of a visual assessment of the property to identify major structural defects and will conclude on the general impression regarding to the extent of minor defects to secondary finishes and items to form an opinion regarding to the general condition of the property at the time of your inspection.

Spacefield Inspections process is specially designed to identify significant items and capture them in your report with serious and special attention to any major defects visibly related to the structure and it is designed to identify any major defect that may constitute a present or imminent and urgent safety hazard risk to you and your family.

Spacefield Inspections report and advise on any visible major defect that requires to be immediately rectified that we believe in our experience is required to avoid the development of further unsafe conditions that we consider a safety hazard.

When a defect is identified to be a serious hazard in the report unless stated otherwise, the Client as a matter of urgency should implement any recommendations or advice given in the report. In the event a defect is identified to be a serious hazard to occupants or in our opinion may about to become a serious hazard. Spacefield Inspections hold our professional duty to communicate this information to our clients very seriously and will ensure that your report clearly identifies the hazard in such a manner that it is not easily overlooked by a reader of the report.

What Type Of Inspections Do I Require?

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission requires for a completed building inspection and the preparation of a report to be in accordance with the “Australian Standard 4349.1-2007 for ‘Inspection of buildings-Pre-purchase inspections-Residential buildings” with the purpose to provide advice to the Client regarding the condition of the Building & Site at the time of inspection.

Although it may appear that different inspection company’s offer different types of inspections from one and other the fact is your Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is to be categorised by 1 or more of the following 3 options,

Option 1, Pre-Purchase Standard Property Inspection Report

Option 2, Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection Report

Option 3, Special-Purpose Inspection Report

If you’re in the process of considering a property purchase in Brisbane, rely on Spacefield Inspections as we provide reliable building and pest inspections in Brisbane. For personalised service and expert guidance, call us at 07 3202 5498. Our comprehensive reports, aligned with industry standards, ensure you make an informed decision tailored to your needs. Choose confidence. Choose Spacefield Inspections.

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