Infrared Thermal Camera Inspections

Infrared Thermal Cameras are great when utilised for Non-destructive inspections. In our Industrial, Commercial & Residential Applications they are crucial in identifying and capturing as much information as possible without firstly resorting to dangerous, costly and disruptive inspection processes.

The use and selection of the right Quality Thermography Camera or Cameras for your job is the very first step in our inspection process. Our cameras are great for applications where information is low or can not be provided or where close contact to the inspection item is dangerous and for when an inspection is required to cause nil effect or disruptions to the operation of the building, plant or equipment.

Spacefield Inspections advanced thermal imaging cameras offer enhanced thermal resolution for vibrant, easy-to-read images in building inspections in Brisbane. Our cameras are designed to help us detect the early signs of building issues, voids in concrete and masonry, and troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems to prevent problems from worsening before they cause damage that leads to expensive repairs.

Our cameras can take measurements a great distance away from the target, so we can safely diagnose electrical faults or locate hidden anomalies at very high temperatures including in harsh industrial environments such as steel mills, kilns and the like to help keep your workplace running smoothly.

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Why we utilise the latest infrared technology and how can it help you?

Our clients love our Infrared cameras because they can provide so much up-front information without disrupting their occupants and other users of the building or space in a way not possible from alternative means like destructive testing.

Our investment decision to procure top spec cameras with superior parameter adjustability is more than justified. The difference in reporting outcomes becomes obvious within inspection findings when the minute fluctuating temperature differences stand out for analysis in the report images. Low-cost cameras just cannot do this and can fail to identify areas of concern with the same level of accuracy.

Spacefield’s top spec cameras offer the best diagnosis possible for a non-invasive and disruptive investigation.

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Electrical Applications

Spacefield Inspections are specialists in thermographic survey work. Spacefield Inspections carry out thermal scanning of energised equipment on site once the installation has been powered up and at the commissioning stage or prior to the expiration of any defect liability period or at anytime required in between.

We survey with our infrared sensitive cameras all cable terminations and bolted connections. We scan main switchboards and distribution boards including all busbars, isolating links, switches, circuit and cable joints.

The results of the thermographic survey will be recorded and any areas showing abnormal temperatures will be photographed. Thermograms will be provided with temperature data and will pinpointing any faults if found. Multiple copies of your report can be sent to a nominated third party or direct to nominees of your choosing.

Energy Efficiency Issues

Our infrared thermal cameras are useful for assessing environmental and energy efficiency factors within your home or building. We use our cameras to identify missing, damaged, inadequate insulation materials and for investigating a building’s internal envelope for significant air leaks and nuisance moisture intrusion.

Spacefield Inspections thermal imaging cameras can help pinpoint, isolate and locate unwanted cold and warm air infiltration and exfiltration issues within the building and provide information on areas in need of attention.

Our thermal imaging cameras can help you quickly identify the source of the problem so we can help you make informed decisions on repairs and improvements.

Insulation Issues

Anyone living or working in an improperly insulated building knows how difficult it can be to keep warm or cool and how much it can negatively affect how comfortable and liveable a particular area can be. Even the smallest area of missing insulation can make a substantial difference to your comfort levels and energy bills. Inadequate insulating may cause physical damage to your home or building over time as unwanted moisture can build up and hold in a particular area creating conditions conducive to decay and degradation. Dangerous mould can start to grow where condensation has not been appropriately controlled. 

Unless you want to tear down your walls and roof linings you can’t usually see where you’re missing insulation, making it a tricky problem to tackle. However, we are able to detect areas of missing insulation with our thermal cameras. Our thermal cameras highlight hot and cold areas and can identify thermal differences on your walls or ceiling when viewed.

Moisture Issues

Spacefield Inspections infrared thermal cameras are utilised for the detection of water leak and moisture related issues.

Water leaks and moisture penetration can cause serious health problems and damage to your house or building and if left undetected can be difficult to deal with and rectify in the longer term.

There are many reasons and sources for unwanted moisture issues within a building. These are typically related to inadequate ventilation within the habitable and service compartment areas of the building. Inadequate thermal breaks and encapsulation of building service pipes and materials can also allow for adverse humidity and condensation conditions to build up causing long term problems.

Water ingress can incur through breaks in the building’s protective perimeter layers and barriers such as waterproofing membranes, cracks in concrete and masonry walls, concrete roof tops and low lying concrete floors. Water will travel through the smallest crack to the external wall and roof linings and through failures to their special purpose weather over flashings and jointing material and most commonly at the interconnecting section of the building’s primary elements and connecting materials.

The leaking of plumbing and mechanical air conditioning service pipes and duct work located within non accessible areas and voids behind walls, floors and ceiling linings are a very common problem and can be near impossible to identify without the use of a thermal camera.

Plumbing and mechanical service piping and AC duct work can be missing the required thermal encapsulation or when the pipe work lagging and wrapping is under designed or installed incorrectly then it will become no longer fit for purpose. In this situation it will lead to excessive condensation problems and cause the same unhealthy and damaging conditions to the building and the occupants in a similar way a leaking pipe would.

Usually a low level of moisture is fine but leaks or excessive condensation can cause serious problems. Moisture is one of the most difficult issues to detect in a building, most of the time the signs are subtle and easily overlooked until water starts dripping or appearing through building linings or when mould starts to grow and moisture loving pests move in.

Moisture within a building usually spreads in a recognisable pattern depending on how and where the water is being generated or entering the building. Whilst it may be obvious that there is a water problem once damage or mould starts to appear, it can be a difficult and costly process to identify and diagnose the causal factors. 

With the use of a thermal imaging camera under the right conditions and investigative approach it’s possible to locate hidden moisture issues without resorting to inconvenient and costly destructive type testing and investigations.

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How does the Infrared Camera work for building inspections?

A thermal imaging camera can’t see moisture behind linings and in voids, it works by detecting the inherent subtle temperature differences and patterns that reveal the existence of water to these areas.

Spacefield Inspections investigate to identify the point of entry and diagnose what building element or substrate that has failed. We diligently research and utilise the latest software and Thermal Cameras best suited for moisture detection available on the market.

Moisture tends to cause only subtle heat differentials. Spacefield Inspections thermal cameras are capable of detecting these moisture differences to a very high resolution with high thermal sensitivity able to detect even the smallest temperature difference.

Our thermal camera range in our inventory have been selected specifically for the building and construction industry. Spacefield Inspections cameras are designed with sensitivities better suited for moisture identification applications and also hold cameras that are designed better for detecting large temperature differences that are found in heavy industrial plant and equipment for routine maintenance, general equipment health checking and fault finding diagnostics.

For detecting unwanted water entry to your building our cameras are of the highest quality and tech that allows us to manually adjust the level and span of the thermal image to ensure the moisture problems appear best within the image.

Whilst the use of our cameras is absolutely crucial for obtaining superior in field information we also take the same approach with our moisture and other meters for combining the field data.

Thermal cameras can help locate water and approximate the moisture extent but identifying a pattern that looks like moisture does not guarantee the presence of water. When a Spacefield Inspections Thermographer conducts the moisture egress detection inspection they practice caution as there can be a multitude of reasons why they might be seeing a temperature differential besides moisture.

When investigating for the presence of moisture your Spacefield Thermographer uses the top of the range Moisture Meters to evaluate the data values and anomalies identified in the thermal imagery. Our meters are equipped with multiple detection options for every application with software that combines the censoring abilities and the finding values of both the thermal imager and the moisture meter measurements. Combining the mathematical modelling of the two pieces of equipment ensures for superior data capturing and reporting that is to the highest of industry world standards.

The competency levels of the thermographer when performing a building inspection with an infrared thermal camera is of the utmost importance as many pest inspections in Brisbane use a thermal camera most of the time it’s just for theatrics, and they’re haphazard in their approach, with their cameras being of low entry quality and not up to the task. Often their cameras are old and out of date and are at their end of life with obsolete technology. Some don’t know how to set up and use the cameras correctly and they use their equipment when not up to date with their equipment calibration requirements.

Water is detected with a thermal imager due to temperature differences caused by evaporation, capacitance or conduction and these processes can be affected by weather conditions or interior humidity it is very important that the detection equipment is of the highest quality and the inspection thermographer is equipped and competent to the highest industry standard.

Spacefield Inspections are sure to always be very thorough to enhance our client’s perception and awareness through our thermal imagery and video analytics and measurements.

Spacefield Inspections are very diversified and serve several applications in the residential, government, defence, industrial and commercial markets.

Get informed, book now for an inspection.

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