End Of Warranty Inspections Brisbane

End of Warranty Inspections

Spacefield Inspections carryout End of Warranty inspections for all building types such as commercial, industrial and residential in Brisbane.

With regards to new residential building work to three storeys or less – in the state of Queensland it is a QBCC mandatory requirement that the contractor is required to raise a policy and pay the premium for the appropriate level of cover for most building works above the value of $3300. This insures the construction work and is required to be in place and paid for before construction works begin.

The QBCC note that the ’Queensland Home Warranty Scheme’ is designed to protect the client in the event that the licensed contractor for the residential work fails to complete the works, fails to rectify defective work covered under the policy or it you have terminated the contract because the contractor has defaulted or for other grounds. With regards to the latter it’s always best to ensure you seek the appropriate legal advice before taking any action relating to termination or amendments of any contract agreement.

The QBCC state on their website that; ‘If you’ve bought a house with defects or subsidence that you knew about before the purchase, you can’t access the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme. The QBCC recommend that you organise a pre-purchase building inspection before you buy a home to find out whether it has any defects and also advise that you make it a condition of your contract that you are satisfied with the outcome of this inspection.’

The Home Warranty covered under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme has an expiration period of 6 years and 6 months from what ever occurs first of the following three events; payment date of the policy, the contract is entered into, or the date the construction works commenced.

There are many requirements to satisfy in order to be able to make a claim and one is relating to time limits. Another relates to defects. Defects are generally defined in two categories, 1- Structural defects and 2- Non-structural defects.

For structural defects you must raise the claim within three months of you first noticing the defect within the six and a half year timeframe. For non structural defects you are covered if you have identified defects within the six months of the building’s completion and have lodged the claim within the seven months of the date of the final completion. The exception to this is the warranty period stated in your contract conditions is set at twelve months then the identification notice period is twelve months.

Within the time periods mentioned above, if a problem has been identified before any such applications are made to the QBCC their guidelines state that you are to notify your builder or contractor of the fault in writing and allow around 14 days for the contractor to have the work rectified and if nil action or unsatisfactory outcomes arise then a complaint should be raised with the QBCC.

Organise and pre book your scheduled End of Warranty Inspections

You can future or pre-book your half year, yearly and 6 and a half yearly warranty inspection with Spacefield Inspections and receive a discounted package. Alternatively, just give us a call as you see fit if you suspect an issue or just want to do a health check on your building. It’s always better to catch  potential issues early and deal with them as they appear so they don’t get out of hand and become a larger issue and inconvenience.

If a defect is undetected and left for too  long, you may void any recourse to rely on your policy.

Get informed and book a Spacefield Inspection- a piece of mind money can’t buy.

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End Of Warranty Inspections Brisbane
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Why get Spacefield Inspections to assist with your new build in Brisbane?

Building Certifiers provide the very important role of overseeing the governance of the relevant statutory building law requirements but their governance stops there. Their role is not to manage the builder and oversee the overall quality and workmanship of the project and they are not appointed to manage the end of client’s risks relating to contractor performance.

Spacefield Inspections on the other hand are here to fill the building industries’ lacking gap to assist and protect the very important needs of the buyer. We provide construction delivery Brisbane building inspection services that act purely on the client’s behalf and best interests. We carry out important and independent assessments in real time to gather the information you require to maintain confidence and control over the construction processes with effective administrative reporting systems. Spacefield Inspections can tailor a process that best suits your needs and concerns. We assist you with achieving your desired outcomes and results.

Get informed and gain control, arrange an appointment with Spacefield Inspections today for a comprehensive building inspection report.