Construction Stage Inspections and Handover

Construction Stage and Final Handover, New Build Defect Inspections

Spacefield Inspections New Home building stage status reports, confirm that items have been completed correctly before you release any payments to any interested parties. Whether it’s a full or portioned Quality Assurance of the complete build or a few one-off stage inspections, Spacefield Inspections are equipped to carry out all your building and pest inspections in Brisbane requirements with reports that provide you with the crucial information you need at the important times you need it. We provide you with the necessary independent transparency throughout the build to ensure you hold control over the construction process.

Exercising Your Client Authority

It’s your money, your property and you are the client, so it’s important that you exercise your position. It is imperative that you instigate and implement your own structured governance processes to protect your investment and to do this is to ensure the contractor is well managed so you get the best possible outcomes for your build and not to just leave the contractor to their own devices.

Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Returns

Great Contractor performance only comes when you make sure the contractor always acts in your best interests and that they are delivering to you exactly what you agreed and exactly what you are paying for.

Spacefield Inspections help you leverage your opportunity to ensure that there are no undesired legacies left behind. We can not stress enough how important it is for you to be mindful of the need to be diligent in this area. If the upfront hard work and processes haven’t been carefully assessed or implemented, your investment margins will likely be absorbed by others that may operate only with their interests at hand and with no real regard or concern to meeting the expectations and interests that you require for your investment success.

Unfortunately, in general and in this present market with trade and product shortages and high construction company foreclosure rates you, the investor are inherently exposed to many uncontrollable risk factors. To minimise your exposure from the get-go you need to ensure that your risks relating to your financial component are always appropriately balanced in your favour and not every other interested party.

This is achieved by implementing some simple strategic processes to gather and hold important and accurate information needed for strong upfront stakeholder management and planning. The consequences of not implementing effective processes can leave you exposed with the burden of extremely high financial and non reimbursable rectification costs. There is nothing more infuriating than outlaying huge sums of money only to have to fork out additional unexpected sums to have issues corrected. These unbudgeted for issues could end up costing you many times your original forecast due to uncontrollable inflated building and legal costs. These unexpected costs are ultimately taking away from your hard earned money, money that you deserve to keep in your own pocket.

If items are left behind unchecked or overlooked at each payment stage, you are doing yourself and your hip pocket a disservice. Generally once each building stage is completed the following scheduled tasks will proceed regardless. If these stages and tasks are left unchecked thereafter it is then near impossible to go back and make good without incurring additional delays and uncontrollable costs overruns. Making good on defects and rework costs are often substantially higher than the original costs so best to get it right the first time around.

Understanding the Risks of Accepting Substandard Work

If you knowingly or unknowingly accept partially completed or below standard work throughout the build and you have overpaid the contractor in good faith along the way and they go belly up or if issues with poorly performed work become apparent soon after your handover and when you have settled in to your new home, think about the position you’d be in later not being able to recoup the overpayments and the additional costs to make good or complete the build.

Each building stage and their hold points are very important and if executed incorrectly eventually risk factors move more and more towards you. It’s always important to manage the process for the worst possible outcomes. The risks mentioned above will always be present but there are simple and easy ways to stay on top of them.

Spacefield Inspections will help you to keep an accurate status of your build, so you don’t inadvertently overpay throughout the build process and that items are not left behind unchecked. We assist you with our extensive industry knowledge and vast stakeholder and contractor management experience, providing detailed building inspection reports to ensure transparency and quality control.

We help you gain and hold complete control over the process and gather for you the information that you need to enable you to make the right, important and time critical decisions for when you need to make them throughout the building process.

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