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Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection Services Brisbane

Pre Purchase Building Inspection by Spacefield Inspections

Spacefield Inspections are a specialised building inspection company authorised to carry out residential pre purchase building inspections in Brisbane. We support you in your property purchase journey by providing a quality, detailed building inspection report that captures the true, physical state of your potential property independently of other parties. Our detailed report and objective advice will ensure you are armed with the facts and knowledge required to make an informed decision when negotiating the purchase of your next residential property.

Spacefield Inspections also provide many other inspections, such as pest inspection in Brisbane, and field surveying services. These include Staged Building and Warranty Inspections, Dilapidation Reports, and Advanced Thermography Infrared Diagnostic Imagery Inspections to detect the early signs of building issues and troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems.

Knowledge is vital, so have Spacefield Inspections conduct and manage the building and pest inspection in Brisbane and the reporting process for you.

Your purchase is an important one, make it an informed one.

Pre purchase Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane
Shane Kiely - Managing Director

What happens at the building inspection?

Your building inspection will comprise an initial visual assessment of the property to identify any major structural defects. Once we have assessed the structural aspect of the building we will then focus on and note any minor defects to secondary finishes and items in order to gauge the overall impression of the building. This allows us to form an opinion about the general condition of the property at the time of your inspection.

The Spacefield Inspections process is specially designed to identify significant building issues and items and capture them in your report with special attention paid to major visible structural defects. Our building inspection report in Brisbane is designed to identify any major defect that may constitute a present or imminent safety hazard to you and your family. 

Spacefield Inspections will report and advise on any visible major defect requiring immediate rectification that we believe, in our experience is required to avoid the development of further unsafe conditions that we would consider a safety hazard.

When a defect is identified to be a serious hazard in the report unless stated otherwise, the Client as a matter of urgency should implement any recommendations or advice given in the report.

Spacefield Inspections hold our professional duty to communicate this information to our clients very seriously and will ensure that your report clearly identifies the hazard in such a manner that it is not easily overlooked by a reader of the report.

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