Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane

Picking a property to call home in Brisbane is a big deal, but how do you make sure that your dream home or property is as good under the surface as it looks from the outside? That’s where we step in. When it comes to buying a property, our building and pest inspection in Brisbane will provide you the knowledge and confidence you need to make the best choice possible and ensure that there are no surprise expenses later on, which could save you thousands of dollars.

What Do Our Clients Get When Choosing Our Building and Pest Inspections?

Choosing Spacefield Inspections means securing the highest level of building and pest inspection for your property investments in Brisbane. Our experienced inspectors bring expertise and attention to detail to each inspection, providing you with:

we have an expert team of inspectors

A fully licensed and registered team of building and pest inspectors committed to the best service.

we provide comprehensive reports

Detailed building and pest reports on both the structural integrity and internal conditions of the property.

expert advice for guidance

Expert advice with exceptional customer service to guide you through the complexity of real estate transactions.

specialised services from the experts

A range of specialised services including thermal scanning and water intrusion analysis.

detailed analysis

The confidence of making informed decisions backed by comprehensive data.

Why Should You Call Building and Pest Inspectors to Inspect Your Property?

  1. Identify whether the property has any potential hazards or defects so that you can have peace of mind.
  2. Find out the property’s real value.
  3. Plan to renovate or demolish the property.
  4. Identify possible asbestos problems that could reduce the property’s value and lead to demolition problems.
  5. Identify any property problems or termite activity that might be important for pest inspections.
  6. Plan property maintenance and repairs.

What Your Inspection Includes

Termite Inspection

The vital part of the process of evaluating a property is the termite inspection. Using the latest infrared technology and inspection tools, we can detect hidden termite activity and reduce the risk of future infestations. Early detection can mean the difference between minor repairs and costly reconstruction, saving you time and money in the long run.

Quick, Detailed Reports

We will provide a detailed building report that covers each part of the property within 24 hours. Provided with this information, you can immediately come to an informed decision for your property purchase.
expert building and pest inspections brisbane

What Type of Inspections in Brisbane Do You Require?

Pre-Purchase Standard Property Inspection Report

Our standard package of building and pest inspections in Brisbane offers a complete examination of your property’s structural and non-structural elements. It’s designed to give you a full overview so you can move forward confidently in your property transaction.

Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection Report

For those focused on the structure of their future investment, this report focuses in on the structural components, identifying potential issues that could affect the property’s safety and value.

Special-Purpose Inspection Report

Tailored to specific client needs, this option allows for a deep dive into particular concerns. It might include thermal scanning for hidden pest activity or a detailed analysis of potential environmental hazards.

Some examples are:

In depth Pest Inspections – Pool Inspections – Inspections of Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical & related Items.

Make Informed Property Decisions

By partnering with us, you tap into the most thorough and reliable building and pest inspection in Brisbane. Call us today at 07 3202 5498 to book your inspection. Make the smart choice for your property’s future—contact Spacefield Inspections today!