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The Cost of Skipping a Pre-Purchase Property Inspection

When purchasing a new home, excitement can often overshadow essential steps like pre- purchase property inspection. Skipping this step can result in unexpected costs and regret. Here’s why.

Hidden Structural Issues

Skipping a pre-purchase property inspection can leave you unaware of hidden structural issues, like foundation cracks or roof leaks. An inspection helps identify these problems before they escalate.

Pest Infestations

Building inspectors also check for pest infestations, such as termites or ants, that can cause significant damage. Without an inspection, you might face expensive pest control measures right after moving in.

Financial Implications

Forgoing a pre-purchase building and pest inspection can lead to unexpected repair bills. These costs can strain your budget and reduce the investment value of your new property. It’s better to be proactive in identifying issues early on.

Safety Hazards

Missing out on an inspection can result in overlooking safety hazards like faulty wiring, mould, or asbestos. These issues pose health risks and can be expensive to remedy. Ensuring your home is safe is crucial for your family’s well-being.

Negotiation Leverage

An inspection report can provide leverage during price negotiations. Discovering issues beforehand allows you to negotiate for repairs or a lower purchase price.

Avoid Costly Surprises, Get a Property Inspection Now!

Some people think a pre-purchase property inspection is an additional step that delays their purchase. However, it is better to be safe and sure than to regret your decisions. Have your property inspected by our professionals at Spacefield Inspections. Call 07 3202 5498 for more details.